Kate Gosney

Rachael & Owain

Rachael & Owain are now well and truly in the run up to their big day.  In anticipation of this we headed out to Macclesfield Reservoir.  It’s somewhere they care about as they shared happy dog walking evenings there, up until moving back in with mum and dad and saving for a house (which excitingly they are also on count down to!). There’s so much about to happen and in weeks, days, life seems set to change… It all must seem fairly fast paced, exciting, but also stressful and it can be hard in the run up to a wedding to actually spend “quality” time together.  So it was a good time to drag them back to their happy place, tell them my best dad jokes, and make them cuddle for a couple of hours, in the gorgeous scenery of Macc reservoir.  It’s lovely to watch couples cope with what could be an awkward situation by making each other laugh and just enjoying each others company. Rachael and Owain are a brilliant couple, both warm, buoyant, naturally encouraging and really considerate of both each other and me during the afternoon. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and a lovely afternoon of picture taking, chatting and strolling through the woods.

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