Kate Gosney

Lindsey & Jay

Lindsey & Jay are in the process of moving back to the north from London.  To say it’s a busy time for them is perhaps understating the facts somewhat! They had apparently managed to arrive about five minutes before I met them at Lindseys mums house, straight off a Pendolino and into the pre wedding deep end!  Had that been me I’d have been in such a flap but these two were so calm under pressure.  A quick cup of tea and they were ready to go.  It was such a pleasure to photograph them and spend an hour chatting about all sorts.  They were so easygoing and despite being in the unusual situation of a  couples shoot they laughed and joked and kept things light and breezy! I’m really excited to photograph this wedding as we’re heading into Manchester… (An easy stop for friends coming from London…. super thoughtful couple!) Really excited and looking forward to the big day.



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