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Ellie & Owen

Not everyone loves having their picture taken. I’ll put my hands up and say I’m among that crowd, but imagine that’s you and instead of loafing in your pj’s/ hanging out with friends you get dragged out for a bit of “couples photography”…. this was Owen last Saturday! If there’s one girl you’d do it for it’s Ellie though. Ellie is special because she’s a good friend of my sisters. Over the summer when my sister got married she was the first up making confetti cones and the last to bed after stringing hundreds of lanterns. She’s super supportive and cares deeply for the people around her. All day she encouraged Owen and many a time I caught her trying to make him laugh and support him through. She’s a natural born nurturer which is perhaps why she’s so well placed within her own profession as a midwife. Owen and Ellie met in New York on what could have been called a blind date, but was sold to them as friends meeting up…. Well the rest became history when Owen set up the most beautiful candle lit proposal in their home and basically swept her off her feet… so much so when I asked Ellie if she said yes straight away, she really couldn’t remember what she’d said at the time…. it was obviously the right answer as their wedding is now round the corner, at the beginning of May. We met for their pre wedding shoot in Winchester on a busy Saturday at peak shopping time…. soooo we really searched for quiet little side streets and pretty riverside spots where they wouldn’t feel too watched. They endured the rain that came to slow us down and were such sports about it, particularly as Owen had no coat so really did get soaked. Really looking forward to catching up with them again at their barn venue in the Essex countryside, we’ve had the rain already so fingers crossed for glorious weather.


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