Kate Gosney

Brianna & Tom


I’m probably going to find this happens again but about a month ago (maybe more… time doesn’t feel like mine at the moment!) I met up with the sweetest couple who, newly engaged, wanted a portrait session that gave them pictures of “home”… Tom is from here, Brianna is from Ohio… so currently they’re battling through the long distance thing… the plan is that they’re going to officially wed in the states as it makes life easier as far as paperwork goes but secretly my hope is that they come back get married at Lyme Park and employ me!!! As they were simply a lovely easy going pair to pass a couple of hours with! It’s been a pleasure to do this for them. Hopefully when they settle into their own home in Ohio a few of these pics will grace the wall and remind them of home! I couldn’t wish these two more happiness, the best part of this job is getting to meet truly lovely people and give them pictures that hold meaning.


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