Kate Gosney

Anneka & Gareth

Anneka and Gareth are such an endearing couple. When I first met them last summer (feels like a long time ago after the wet Manchester winter!) I opened things by showing them one of my previous weddings. Within minutes, Gareth (who is very dry) looked at Anneka, did a semi roll of the eyes and said “she’s going to cry”. She looked sheepishly teary. He deals with her lovely gentle romantic ways with a healthy dollop of realism! They’re just a really well matched couple that level each other with the different things they bring to the table. Half way through this shoot I asked Anneka if she’d look at Gareth… “this is like when I try and watch telly” he said. She laughed and readily admitted that yep that’s exactly what she does. I just thought that was so gorgeous that she watches him while he watches telly, I love those moments when you feel ridiculously lucky…. I love as well that she didn’t want to hide it! Anneka is full of warmth and clearly adores her Gareth. While Gareth seems to casually abstain from über romantics, he quietly makes Anneka laugh and feel super comfortable in awkward situations like having a camera pointed at you and more than that despite very clearly stating the afternoon would be spent watching football, I think he quite liked hanging out with his beautiful bride to be. They’re getting married at the end of May when with any luck there will be leaves on the trees (rather than the ground) and sunshine in the sky.



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