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I’m Kate….

I have brown hair, whenever I fancy having it cut short I cry a bit after and never feel myself! I am a bit of a sugar addict, don’t leave me within 3 feet of a sweetie table! I still giggle away at friends episodes even though they’re all a hundred years old!…  I need my friends around me, I get a lot of my energy from people although I also love a quiet spot in the day to myself (if there’s ever chance of it?..), I’m never sure if I’m an extrovert or an introvert although I think most would agree extrovert.

In my opinion a bride is always the most beautiful girl in the room… it’s the sheer joy that exudes from them and makes them so glowy. I adore capturing and relaying the moments from the day so it can almost spark memories you’d forgotten… trying to bring the best out of people from behind the camera during portraits is probably my favourite time of the day… easily one of the happiest points in my own wedding day where we actually stood holding each other and chatting and kissing. I love watching couples in those moments and knowing the walking on a cloud bubble that they’re in.

I’m a romantic at heart but always knew I could only marry someone that made me belly laugh, it’s the only way we can break an argument!… Our arguments don’t last long and I’m pretty sure this is why my husband gets funnier with age!! Alex my husband is the kindest man I know and the fairest (in all senses of the word!) the love of my life and almost certainly my better half and for some unbeknown reason he loves me back! We’ve been together for 10/11+ years (we don’t count!) and met in the strangest of ways! Ask us! As well as Alex the loves of my life currently are my two beautiful girls, they’re ying and yang of each other, but equally special and interesting. Before them I was cabin crew a job I loved until the dreaded Christmas roster! I went from being a Textile design student to full time traveller after uni and I missed the artistic, creative side that really fires up my brain and makes me thirsty to learn more and evolve and improve constantly. I know too many people say this but it is undoubtedly a passion.  As much as I enjoy watching light through the view finder it’s truly the people that matter to me. I want people to look back at the photos and remember the moment, so I try and take a stand back approach, I don’t want you to stand in a formal line for hours with prosecco going warm at the side. I want your day to  be one to remember. Ultimately I want you to look at your photos and remember the love and people that surrounded you… I therefore try to step back and just capture it all!

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